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Physical therapy, most popularly known as physiotherapy has become one of the most excessively dependent form of pain relief methods. With a lot of individuals having to undergo treatments for excessive stress that causes enormous pain which is in turn believed to be relieved easily through physiotherapy, the pain relief method has gained immense attention in the recent past.


Best known for effectively promotion, maintenance and restoring of physical, social and psychological health of individuals, physiotherapy has always played an important role all these years.


With a motto to facilitate pain-free living, Adopire has been initiating eminent medical facilities inclusive of inimitable physiotherapy services that are completely customized to best fit and best match the customer requirements. With an easy access to rehabilitation at the comfort of an individual's home, Adopire nurtures pain-free living to a best-possible level.


Right from neuromuscular rehabilitation to prosthetic rehabilitation, Adopire is well-equipped to offer exclusive services which are otherwise quite challenging.